Hair Removal



From brows to Brazilians and everything in between! Let the Gentle Touch ‘waxperts‘ get you smooth and silky fast!

Gentle Touch uses a selection of premium waxes that are extremely gentle on the skin. For very sensitive areas such as Brazilian, face and underarms, we use a top-drawer wax that doesn’t stick to your skin, which means a MUCH more comfortable waxing for you!

We specialize in Brazilian waxing, but we offer a full suite of application areas. Every Wednesday we offer half price waxing services with any product purchase.

Before you wax:

  • Hair must be ¼ of an inch long. (That’s at least 3 to 4 weeks of growth.) 
  • No sun tanning 24 hours before your waxing appointment.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to wax during your period.
  • Waxing can NOT be done over areas where you are currently applying prescription strength AHAs/BHAs, Rentin-A/Renitol creams and Glycolic Acid.
  • Waxing does NOT make your hair grow in thicker or more coarse. Your genetics and hormones control your hair growth.
  • Waxing the bikini line can produce a hive-like appearance. This can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Individuals currently taking Accutane are NOT suitable clients for waxing on any part of the body. These patients must wait six months after treatment is complete.

After your appointment, Gentle Touch will give you all the information you need to look after your freshly waxed, smooth skin.

*Individual results may vary.

Price List
  • Facial
  • Lip$15
  • Chin$15
  • Lip & Chin$25
  • Brow$22
  • Sides of Face$13
  • Body
  • Half Arm$25
  • Full Arms$35
  • Underarms$22
  • Linea$13
  • Half Leg$35
  • Full Leg$75
  • Bikini
  • Basic Bikini$25
  • French Cut$35
  • Brazilian$55
  • Men’s Waxing
  • Full Back & Shoulders$75
  • Half Back & Shoulders$35
  • Chest & Abs$55
  • Full Leg$75
  • Brow$22