Grow Longer Lashes


15 Minutes

Eyes have forever been considered important symbols of beauty. So, it’s no wonder that for centuries women have gone to great lengths for great lashes and eyes with stopping power.
New research shows that more than half of women (54%) want to grow their own natural eyelashes longer, darker and thicker – and now you can, too!

LATISSE™ is the first and only prescription treatment to grow natural eyelashes longer, thicker and darker that is now approved in Canada. LATISSE™ Lashes grow gradually over time with most people beginning to see longer lashes in as little as 4 weeks!

If you are interested in trying LATISSE™ you will need to book a brief consult to ensure that LATISSE™ is the right product for you.

*Individual results may vary.

Price List
  • First Prescription Treatment $200